A Different World

Last year, I declared 2019 as a year of sowing seeds; the fruit of which I would harvest in 2020. There was so much anticipation for the new decade on December 31st, 2019! The decade of practicing as a board-certified physician, the decade of perhaps staying in once city for more than a few months! The decade of stability. For the most part, everything has come to fruition. It really felt ALMOST like smooth sailing until those first few news reports about COVID-19.

Flash-forward to April 1st and it truly feels like a sick joke. If someone had told me that within the first half of the year, a pandemic would ensue, claiming the lives of so many, and practically shutting down the world as we know it, I would have laughed hysterically. And yet here we are. So where do we go from here?

I think it is really important for us not to lose sense of who we were prior to all this chaos. I, for one, had several rules and regulations for how I was going to conduct my daily business. And with the present circumstances it has been extremely tempting to backtrack. The fact of the matter is this can be toxic and detrimental to the success you have already made. Take, for instance, the undeniable isolation that many of us feel at this moment. It feels almost obligatory to reach out to any and everyone and let bygones be bygones. But during one of my usual musings, I realized that I do not owe anyone who I would not have spoken to prior to COVID-19 a conversation. Because once all this is over, and hopefully that will be very soon, there is THAT to deal with.

It is a time that has made me go back-and-forth about my duty as a Christian and my duty to my sanity, which I truly hope go hand-in-hand. None of us have all the answers. But we tend to do what makes life work.

And then I realized that all those great things I planned for myself ARE still happening. Just not with the ability to be outside as much or celebrate the way we would have before all of this madness.

So in case my words become a time vault of times long gone to a future reader, I will say this. Aside from the barren grocery store shelves that were once stocked bountifully with toilet paper and hand sanitizer, all is not lost. We still have humanity. We still have love. We still have life. We have the ability, duty, and right to express ourselves the best way we know how. All it takes is courage, wherever that may be at this present time. Find it, value it, and never let it go. Because when we can hug each other and be closer than 6 feet apart from our neighbors, I pray it will be a different world. One that has changed for the better.


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